Understanding Adult Acne: Causes and Treatments

It’s easy to assume zits and blackheads are a problem only teenagers have to deal with. But, adult acne is common, especially for many aging women. And, unfortunately, what may have worked for you in the past can make your skin issues even worse as you grow older.

As a registered nurse and aesthetics specialist, Leah Walker addresses a wide range of skin issues in a comfortable, spa-like setting. When you visit At Your Leisure Aesthetics in Scottsdale, Arizona, Leah can help you manage your adult acne and improve the appearance of your skin.

Taking a closer look at adult acne

Acne surfaces when your pores become clogged with dead skin cells and your body’s natural oils. As dirt, bacteria, and oil collects, you develop visible signs of acne with swelling, pustules, redness, and inflammation. 

Several factors can increase your chances of acne, including:

Using the wrong hair and skincare products can also trigger breakouts. But, with Leah’s expert advice, you can take steps to stop blemishes from appearing while also minimizing any signs of inflammation and scarring.

Choosing the right skincare products

The first step to breakout-free skin is the right skincare regimen. Not only can you cleanse your face too frequently and intensely, but many products actually clog your pores and exacerbate your condition. 

After your consultation, Leah develops a personalized skincare plan tailored to your individual needs. She often recommends PCA Skin® products made with the highest quality ingredients. This four-step system can provide clearer skin in as little as a week. 

Your personalized skincare plan often includes:

To brighten your complexion and reduce skin cell buildup, Leah might also recommend monthly PCA Skin® peels as part of your care plan.

Chemical peels and acne treatment

During a chemical peel, Leah applies specially formulated solutions to your skin to provide deep exfoliation. This process not only sloughs off dead skin and dirt, but it also triggers new cell growth, resulting in a smoother and fresher complexion.

Leah uses PCA Skin® peels for her adult acne treatments. These formulas are safe for all skin types, and she can customize your treatment based on your condition and overall goals. Each of Leah’s options provides moderately deep exfoliation, so you can expect quick recovery times and long-term results.

To help manage outbreaks, Leah also recommends chemical peels to improve your skin texture, erase fine lines and wrinkles, and even out your skin tone. Chemical peels can also help minimize acne scars while improving your overall appearance.

For help managing your adult acne, contact us by calling At Your Leisure Aesthetics at 602-463-2438 or schedule an appointment online today.

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